How norbrik Uses Office 365 to Deliver Its Core Capabilities and Services

In today’s era of rapid globalization where the barriers to entry are increasingly marginal, businesses are faced with mounting pressure to sustain high levels of operational growth and competitive advantage by means of process automation, improvement and management. As new technologies and innovations come to the frontline, organizations compete on the proposition of greater operational efficiency, advanced product quality, lower operational costs, and greater service.

Being a leading provider of business productivity, the Office 365 suite brings together a range of tools in support of organizational growth, sustainability and efficiency. By integrating productivity technologies, this suite assimilates collaboration and automation solutions, enhancing performance agility and eliminating waste activities.

As business technology experts providing consultancy services, norbrik leverages the promise of Office 365 applications to deliver capabilities that promote and support process automation, improvement and management. Aligned with Microsoft competencies, norbrik renders its useful services in four fundamental areas: digital strategy, data management and analytics, business applications, and productivity.

Here’s how we use Office 365 to successfully deliver our capabilities and services:

Digital Strategy

In the face of aggressive digital disruption, organizations are increasingly participating in rapid digital transformation in a bid to remain profitable and competitive. With disruptors shifting the competitive markets, executives are often faced with incredible pressure to overhaul their operations with technologies that offer minimal value-add.

The outcome?

With the cost of investment outweighing the potential benefits of the technology, efforts expended to digitally re-engineering organizational operations renders highly ineffective. Given the unprecedented rate of digital transformation, businesses thereby risk facing market penetration by unconventional disruptors.

Reimagining business processes through digitalization goes beyond the act of embedding digital technologies to resolve process problems. Rather, the success of such enablement lies in a clear and integrated digital strategy that is in alignment with your organizational objectives, people, technology and culture. Therefore, with value realization being contingent on the integration of digital technologies, as the growth of digital adoption accelerates across all industries, we can anticipate that those who neglect the value of an effective digital strategy risk being ‘washed out’ by new entrants that disrupt the marketplace with their advanced business models.

In understanding this, norbrik offers specialized strategy development in line with organizational needs, objectives and structure, helping businesses remain competitive and experience top-line growth amidst the disruption.

By digitalizing data, applications and processes, assessing the existing technical infrastructure, and aligning the technology and application services to the business goals and missions, norbrik ensures seamless digital integration into your business and its operations.

So, how does this relate to Office 365?

With advanced new technologies transforming the nature of competition, norbrik leverages the promise of Office applications to help businesses achieve digital maturity and compete effectively within their markets. In operating on such applications, norbrik works to deliver personalized strategies by finding opportunities to digitalize, consolidate, optimize and automate both organizational data, processes, applications and infrastructure.

Through the immense capabilities of Microsoft Flow, PowerBI, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Teams, and many others, our team offers a range of on-premise and in-the-cloud solutions, with strategy development focused on supporting your customers, employees, services, operations in the long haul.

Data Management and Analytics

As we immerse into the Information Age, data has become a widespread commodity, providing both incumbents and disruptors with enormous opportunity to lead the marketplace. However, given the fragmented, incomplete, and unstructured nature of siloed data, we are now seeing a rising demand for integrated analytics technologies that promotes data-driven insights and enhance the decision-making capabilities of corporate institutions.

Offering some of the most intelligent applications in support of analytics and data management, Office 365 empowers executives with data aggregation, advanced analytics, and data visualization tools, leading businesses into rapid transformation. In doing so, organizations are equipped with enormous potential to unlock hidden insights and uncover process inefficiencies and opportunities.

To support businesses on their quest for greater operational effectiveness, norbrik offers data management and analytics capabilities, utilizing Office applications and Microsoft technologies to help organizations compete and gain actionable insights.

Through applications such as PowerBI, Flow, PowerApps, Excel and Microsoft Reporting Services, norbrik delivers interactive operational reports, analytics solutions, live dashboards, and data management solutions for highly effective organizational operations. Relying on an approach focused on high-level collaboration between clients and consultants, these solutions are extensively driven by the capabilities and offerings of Microsoft technologies and Office applications, with a range of tools employed to understand, validate, verify, model and interpret data.

Business Applications

With every organization hosting a unique value proposition, business applications play a fundamental role in delivering tailored value. As the operational needs of organizations begin to vastly differ, the value of developing or acquiring applications that support the specific needs of business functions can be highly favorable in driving organizational productivity and operations.

While we previously saw a preference for packaged, off-the-shelf software solutions, as organizational processes become increasingly complex and specialized, the opportunities of custom business applications are being widely recognized.

To deliver these capabilities, norbrik uses the competencies of Office 365 cloud services and Microsoft Azure to develop web-, mobile-, and custom-based applications. Through the capabilities of Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, PowerBI, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive, our consultants deliver solutions of profound intelligence, connecting them to end-to-end business processes.

With Office 365 equipping Microsoft users with innovative and intuitive instruments, norbrik leverages this platform to create tailored offerings with powerful integrations, connectivity and functionalities.


Playing a fundamental role in driving value, businesses are constantly looking for productivity solutions that a) enhance collaboration and b) generate the greatest outputs from the smallest inputs. As the efficiency needs of modern enterprises grow, there becomes a greater demand for high availability, mobility and scalability of productivity toolsets.

The Office 365 suite offers a range of business productivity applications and tools that enable extensive collaboration via secure content sharing, group email, instant messaging and social network provisions. By leveraging the promise of cloud, this complete productivity suite provides remote access, mobility and availability on a large-scale spectrum, offering businesses a platform to foster greater organizational and inter-departmental collaboration.

With productivity directly associated with increasing profitability and satisfaction, Microsoft’s proposition for Office 365 demonstrates a potential for executives to lead their businesses into new levels of operational efficiency and innovative practices.

Providing services in the area of productivity, norbrik leverages these in-the-cloud offerings to deliver on a range of content sharing solutions, intranet packages, workspaces, and instant messaging capabilities. In a bid to reduce the average cycle time, norbrik operates on the competences of SharePoint, PowerBI, Flow, PowerApps, Teams, and OneDrive, among many others, to provide highly connected and collaborative solutions.

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