How norbrik’s Business Process (BP) Forms for SharePoint Can Help Optimize Your Business Processes

As organizations shift gear towards increased agility, process automation, and mobility, the need for operational efficiency has become extensively pervasive in today’s corporate environment. Optimization goes beyond the act of simply purchasing a suite of tools or software. Rather, it involves understanding complex business processes, recognizing opportunities for waste reduction and efficient resource utilization.

While a vast majority of companies claim to be pursuing growth and business process optimization, the complexity of tools out in today’s market have made it wildly difficult to achieve optimal outcomes. Even simple business processes are deemed too costly to automate. Yes, while these tools may be embedded with powerful capabilities, deploying automation often requires rigorous training and capital.

Although business process management suites provide immense opportunity for advanced integration and workflow management, organizations typically only require a subset of the features offered to solve their business process issues.

On one hand, companies are investing in entire suites while only using a fraction of what is purchased. On the other hand, in a bid to gain their money’s worth, businesses are overcompensating by focusing on a single complex process that consumes most resources and budget.

The consequence?

Too much time dedicated to one complex process that leads to many lessons learned but yields lesser value than originally expected.

So, this fuels the question: Why are companies spending so much money on BPA and BPM packages they know aren’t providing complete economic and organizational value?

The answer lies in the fact that there are currently very limited tools that offer what norbrik is now offering.

norbrik’s Business Process (BP) Forms for SharePoint, which operates on the Office 365 suite, utilizes a uniquely customized toolset that offers highly configurable support for most common business processes today. By designing a precisely targeted set of tools, these forms have been developed with configurable dependencies in order to combat the unique intricacies of standard business processes.

Here’s how norbrik’s BP Forms can help optimize your business processes:

Improve productivity and performance through accelerated approval process

In an era of ubiquitous digitalization, the implications of manual documents can almost be detrimental to organizational productivity and performance. Why? Because time is money. Businesses are continually seeking new or improved ways to increase productivity while simultaneously minimizing time.

With norbrik’s BP Forms, companies are able to expedite their digital workflows. This intuitive tool is integrated with inbuilt email alerts and document processing dashboards, which seeks to enhance productivity and performance through process monitoring. With the automatic generation of email notifications, businesses can expect to decrease the time between document distribution and document completion, thereby accelerating the approval process.

While some businesses may be stuck with a sequential flow to document approval, this tool offers parallel approach for efficiency.

Improve workflows through operational reliability and stability

It’s a fact that every organization has business processes. And every business process contains a demanding set of forms and documents, which go through multiple levels of approval. Manual processes are inherently error-prone and encourage redundant workflows with steps often inadvertently missed or answered in incorrect formats. This is essentially why businesses are moving towards greater automation.

So, how can norbrik help?

By allowing process owners to stipulate clear guidelines and parameters, norbrik’s BP Forms are remarkably designed to support the document approval process. With the instilment of dependencies, this tool can optimize your business processes by embedding a level of control to ensure forms meet the established protocols and standards.

In eradicating the risk of noncompliance, norbrik seeks to deliver a degree of robustness, supporting managers and executives in their quest for information reliability, integrity and accuracy.

Opportunity for continuous process improvement

What differentiates norbrik’s BP Forms from other instruments in the market?

Well, it’s the ability to engage in continuous process refinement through accumulated knowledge application.  This tool offers process owners the opportunity to effortlessly reconfigure business processes, with aggregated knowledge and insights being easily applied to templates.

Here’s how it works:

At the end of each process, templates are stored in a BP Forms repository for feedback and future reference. Managers are able to apply learnings from these processes and easily reconfigure templates to minimize inefficient or meaningless activities. By frequently accessing, analyzing and refining forms, organizations can overcome the deficiencies and drawbacks of prior processes and thereby continually strive towards process optimization.

Reduce overheads and labor costs

In the long term, process automation, decreased overheads and labour costs go hand in hand. By offering a tool customized to the most common business processes, norbrik’s BP forms can help firms decrease expenditure while simultaneously increasing process efficiency and value. By minimizing the margin of error and eradicating the need to purchase complete suites that often render useless, this tool can save your company both money and labour efforts.

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